Measuring the success of the action

Measuring the success of the scientific research carried out by the Action participants will be done in several ways. All scientific publications generated by participants will be stored in a database, organised in such a way that easy access is guaranteed. A repository of benchmark problems will be made available, for which all participants can contribute examples, or extract problems to run tests with newly developed algorithms. Participants are expected to provide their experimental results, so that comparisons can be made. In this way, progress of the state of the art can be monitored by the MC, providing a measure of success of addressing the Action Challenge during the course of the activities.

Every year the Action Chair, supported by the Action participants, will issue a progress report summarizing the achievements of the network. This may serve as a basis for Action evaluation.

At the end of the Action, i.e. after 4 years, a handbook will be prepared containing the advances of the Action as far as model reduction methodologies is concerned. This handbook will mirror the state of the art, and contain suggestions for future research. It will serve as the starting point for new research activities after the Action has ended.

An important measure of success of the Action will be its size, and the involvement of as many researchers working in the area of model reduction and related areas. It is our aim to involve all researchers working in the area in Europe, and involve colleagues from International Partner Countries, thereby forming a worldwide community for model reduction that will be the natural partner for industry, society and scientists across scieentific domains.


  1. Collection of scientific publications (living repository)
  2. Collection of benchmark problems and results (living repository)
  3. Annual progresss report by the Action Chair (incl. Financial report)
  4. Handbook containing a description of the developed model reduction methods
  5. Statistics on the size of the network and Action participants