Guidelines for the STSMs application

The STSM is a short mission (1-2 months) to an institute (university or company) within the MORNET network situated in another European country than the country of the visitor. All MORNET institutions are eligible to host missions.

How to apply:

The European Commission requests some documents for your reimbursement.

1. First register online with COST.
2. Apply online here (, print and send a pdf of the application to Karl.Meerbergen at
3. When your STSM is accepted, please send the following documents to Karl.Meerbergen at
– A letter of support from your supervisor. This can be a simple e-mail
– A letter of invitation from your host
– Resume with list of publications
– Motivation letter
A pre-approval e-mail will be sent to you once all your documents have arrived. Only then you can start your STSM.
4. After the STSM is finished,
– send a scientific report to Karl.Meerbergen at
– When this report is approved, you receive a post-approval e-mail
– Fill out your expenses online
5. You should receive your refund

List of Hosts

We refund expenses up to 2500 EUR. All applications will be considered. We particularly encourage female researchers to apply and researchers who wish to do research with a company.