Postdoc Position, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing, SISSA, Trieste, Italy

A new postdoctoral research position in Numerical Analysis and
Scientific Computing (with applications) is open at SISSA,
International School for Advanced Studies, Mathematics Area, mathLab
division, Trieste, Italy.

This position is in the framework of the ERC (European Research
Council) Consolidator Grant AROMA-CFD, Advanced Reduced Order Methods
with Applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics, PI Prof. Gianluigi
Rozza (Project 681447). Applications info, details and requirements
are available at the link: The
announcement is in Italian and in English. Application deadline is
September 8, 2016 at 1pm (CET).

Fields of the research activity: Mathematical modeling, numerical
analysis and simulation for the complex systems held by parametrized
PDEs, computational fluid dynamics for optimization, control, inverse
problems, uncertainty quantification, data assimilation; scientific
computing programming, high performance computing and/or large scale
computing competences. Additional requirements, competencies and
abilities: Good knowledge of high level programming languages, e.g.,
C/C++/Python; Scientific Computing software libraries, Reduced Order
modeling techniques (reduced basis methods, POD, PGD), efficient
geometrical parametrization techniques, spectral methods, stability
and bifurcations.

For more info and details you can contact
with a message with subject “ERC AROMA-CFD”