Exploratory Workshop on Applications of Model Order Reduction Methods in Industrial Research and Development

As part of the activities of the COST Action EU-MORNET, the Working Group 3 (Applications) holds an Exploratory Workshop on Applications of Model Order Reduction Methods in Industrial Research and Development, taking place on 6 November 2015 at the Chambre de Commerce in Luxembourg.

Meeting Objectives: This 1-day workshop presents a unique opportunity to connect European academic research and industrial development in the area of Model Order Reduction. The meeting aims at

  • discussing the current state-of-the-art from the academic and application-driven perspective,
  • demonstrating best-practice examples from industry,
  • identifying existing challenges in the application of MOR,
  • collecting benchmark problems from a variety of different challenging application domains, and
  • fostering the continuing bi-directional exchange between industry and academia.

Organisation: The workshop is organised by Andreas Zilian and Stéphane Bordas from the University of Luxembourg.

Location: The Exploratory Workshop takes place on Friday, 6 of November 2015 at the Chambre de Commerce, 7 rue Alcide de Gasperi, L-2981 Luxembourg. The Chamber of Commerce is located in the financial district at Kirchberg, close to Luxembourg airport (15 minutes by bus).

Schedule: Keynote talks are given by Prof. Alfio Quarteroni, EPFL Switzerland and Prof. Peter Benner, Max-Planck Institute, Germany and are followed by contributed presentations from industry and academia.

Call for Contributions: Participants interested in contributing a presentation (approximately 25 minutes) in the subject and objectives of the Exploratory Workshop are kindly asked to send the title and abstract of their talk per e-mail to andreas.zilian@uni.lu before 15 August 2015.

Invitation of Workshop Participants: Members of WG 3 of the COST Action EU-MORNET will automatically receive an electronic invitation from the COST system. Persons who are interested in contributing and/or participating in the Workshop but who are not yet member of EU-MORNET are kindly asked to get in contact with the workshop organisers (via email andreas.zilian@uni.lu) until 30 August 2015 to ensure proper invitation through the COST system. Invited participants are eligible for reimbursement of their travel expenses according to the COST regulations.