Berlin Workshop on Model Order Reduction of Transport-dominated Phenomena

Compact computational representations (a.k.a. “Reduced Models”) of phenomena that involve significant transport, convection, or propagation delays can create vexing tradeoffs for modelers that often defy an acceptable balance between fidelity and complexity. Nonlinearity is often present as a significantly complicating feature in such models, but even for simple cases, linear convective effects can make it difficult to arrive at efficient models having adequate accuracy.

Approaching these issues and as part of a new project sponsored by the Einstein Foundation and TU-Berlin, an opening workshop entitled “Model Reduction of Transport-dominated Phenomena” will be held May 19-20, 2015 at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Berlin.

Perspectives offered by an international group of experts from a range of disciplines that include systems modeling, hydrodynamics, computational control, and model reduction, will offer the opportunity for an exchange of information, accumulated intuition, and experience in the development of effective, compact models for transport/convection/delay-dominated phenomena.

There is no registration fee required for participation, however space is limited and advance registration will be necessary in order to attend.

Speakers will include:
Alessandro Astolfi (London)
Peter Benner (Magdeburg)
Peter Breedveld (Twente)
Mark Embree (Blacksburg)
Martin Grepl (Aachen)
Serkan Gugercin (Blacksburg)
Jan Heiland (Magdeburg)
Matthias Heinkenschloss (Houston)
Michael Hinze (Hamburg)
Birgit Jacob (Wuppertal)
Alessandro Macchelli (Bologna)
Bernhard Maschke (Lyon)
Bernd Noack (Poitiers)
Joost Rommes (Grenoble)
Gianluigi Rozza (Trieste)
Jörn Sesterhenn (Berlin)

Please refer to the workshop website:
for details on schedule, lodging, and advance registration.