Call for Your Professional MOR Contacts

Dear members and participants of EU-MORNET,

in order to facilitate the incorporation of industrial R&D into EU-MORNET, we would like to ask you to provide us with the contact details of (European) companies, application-driven research and development teams, software developers or university spin-offs working in the area of model order reduction and its application.

The contact data will be used in the preparation of the planned Exploratory Workshop in Luxembourg (organised by Workgroup 3) and the invitation of representatives.

It would be great if you could provide the data of the contacts you want to recommend as soon as possible and using the following online form:

Thank you very much!

MoRePaS III – Workshop on Model Reduction for Parametrized Systems

We are excited to invite you to the 3rd Workshop on Model Reduction for Parametrized Systems (MoRePaS III) to be held on 13-16 October 2015 at
SISSA, International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste, Italy. For more information, please visit

We hope to see you there!